Treatments for OCD

The most effective treatment for OCD is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). There are many studies that have indicated that CBT is very effective for OCD. When treating OCD, CBT is often done on an individual (one-on-one) basis. However with younger children it often involves the whole family as part of the treatment.

The benefits of using CBT are that it is: 

- Collaborative 

- Evidence Based 

- Empowering 

- Improving relapse prevention

Psychiatric treatments, which involve medication, are often used to treat OCD and can be a very important part of the treatment. Treatment may involve using medication combined with CBT. This has been shown to provide the best results and significantly reduced relapse rates. 

Treatment Programmes offered:  

The principle treatment programme for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), offered by David Rosenstein is a comprehensive CBT approach. The approach is evidence based and employs exposure and response prevention (ERP) as one of the main treatment methods.  

The OCD treatment programmes offered, include: 

1) Family assisted OCD treatment for children 

2) CBT for OCD - 4 week programme 

3) CBT for OCD one to two hour a week programme 

4) OCD Support group (This is held at the end of each month, at the practice). 

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